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Several questions


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I plan to go on my first cruise in May 2014. After talking to several of my friends that cruise regularly I have decided on Carnival. The cruise I want to take is the 5 day from Miami to Ocho Rios and Grand Cayman. My questions are 1) how much do the laundry facilities cost ?, 2) how much do the games in the arcade cost ? and most importantly ( at least for my wife) 3) is there sweet iced tea on board and if so where and any extra cost ?. Being from the south (Georgia) sweet iced tea is a necessity. Thanks for any help you can give me !!!
1) How much do the laundry facilities cost ?

The washers and dryers are $3 each but they're big commercial grade machines. The newest ones take S&S cards, older ones dollars or quarters (you can get change onboard). There is usually a laundry special mid-cruise on a week long cruise. It's $15 for everything you can fit in the laundry bag provided, definitely the way to go if you can make it till mid week.

2) How much do the games in the arcade cost ?

Games costs on average $.75 cents to $1.25. They all use game tokens. The token dispenser in the arcade takes S&S cards. You can limit the amount of $$ taken out daily on any given S&S card if you are worried about your kids going over budget. You need to go to Guest Services to set up this card limit once onboard.

3) Is there sweet iced tea on board and if so where and any extra cost ?

The tea provided for free throughout the cruise is un-sweet tea. It is not brewed, it is from a concentrate then mixed and placed in the tea dispensers. There is Splenda, Sweet n Low, Sugar in the Raw, regular sugar, etc... available for sweeteners. For someone who is picky about their sweet tea this is probably not the best news. Other options include brewing your own with tea bags provided for free onboard (usually a couple selections of both Lipton and Bigelow teas, hot water is available) or you can bring your own bottled sweet tea or bring your own tea bags onboard.

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