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New to the Site and a Question


New member
Hi. My name is Mark and I'm from the Kansas City, MO area. My wife and I are not new to cruising but this is the first time I've looked at this website. We have, so far, only cruised with Carnival. We've been on three Carnival cruises and have two more planned in the next six months, an Anniversary Cruise planned over New Years Eve and a cruise with some friends scheduled in February.

I saw there are some Carnival Cruise Fun Times posted for download and was trying to look at the Carnival Elation 4 day Fun Times but every time I try to look at them I get the message that I am "not permitted to download" the Fun times. Do I have to do something else besides register to the site to view those downloads?



Staff member
There was a downloads permission issue after a recent upgrade to our downloads sections, this should now be fixed and you should have full access to all downloads.