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Kids Club aging up?


New member
We're sailing on Carnival Magic on 2/29/20!!!! Almost there!!!!! Anyway, my son will be 11 when we sail, but will turn 12 shortly after we get back. I'm worried that if he wants to do an activity he'll be stuck with the younger kids. Does the 12-14/15 age group take kids who are ALMOST 12? His older sister (13) will be in that group, can she bring him along to something?


Staff member
I know all cruise lines are pretty strict with their age policies, because if something happens and the policy that a parent agreed to when signing up a child wasn't followed exactly then the cruise line would be held liable.

I wouldn't worry about it too much. The age groups are split pretty well (only 3 ages in each) and there are many times the different age groups are together allowing siblings of different ages to interact with each other.

You can also always ask once your oboard, but be aware the policy says it's a strict "No" on aging up.


New member
Thank you. I find it very likely that he will avoid the kids club if he's stuck with the younger kids. That's okay though as there's plenty of other things to do on the ship.


New member
It depends on how many kids are onboard. My 11.5 year old son moved up to the 12-14 age group on one of our cruises, but it was a January cruise and there was one group with several home-school families and not many other kids.
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