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Issue With Queen Victoria's - Bridge (Forward) Camera Link

Come on Cunard! Time to put another shilling in the meter. All three Queens have frozen webcam pictures. QE is stuck in one port when I know she is in another, QV is stuck at sea when I know she is in port, and QM2 has been stuck in the same bit of ocean for a day or two.
After my initial posting I thought Cunard must have read it because all three Queens produced new web cam views in a relatively short time. That was four or five days ago, and those same views are STILL on show. QE for example went through a rain storm, and the same raindrops have been in the view ever since. I can also recognise the same waves in the other two Queen's views. The problem I have with this is that neither Cunard nor Cruisin have the ***** to admit there is a problem, whatever that may be... Once again I challenge both companies to come clean and identify what is happening. One ship having a faulty web cam I could understand, but all three in the same line, and simultaneously? It beggars belief!
Cunard Camera freeze is quite annoying especially as the 3 Dames are just starting their world cruises. Trying to contact Cunard from outside the US or UK is like trying to draw chicken's teeth !
All three Queens have new views. I make that one picture change every five days. Maybe I need to go on another cruise and do the Titanic stance on the bow, or watch a live camera view in my state room to get my Cunard fix!
It says "Report camera issues". What's the point when all reports are totally ignored? It would be nice to at least have a response along the lines of "We note your comment(s) and are looking into it/them".
After 10 days of frozen webcams, suddenly all three Queens have working cameras. No explanation from either Cruisin or Cunard. Does anyone have an inkling of what has been happening? Obviously all three ships' cameras are linked in some way, so what is the common denominator, Cunard or Cruisin. Is it money, perchance?
Well that was short lived, wasn't it? Less than 24 hours have passed and once again all three Queens are displaying frozen views. All are in darkness when their location says they should be in daylight. Will the person responsible for this debacle please hold their hands up and admit they are failing the viewing public.
That's better! They are all up and running again. It seems that they all work or they all fail. Never one or two working and the other(s) "frozen". I've still not managed to work out the common denominator. Maybe there's an undersea cable that they are all connected to!!!
We had a couple of days with all cameras working, but for the last three or so days QE's cam has been "unavailable due to satellite strength ". This us strange because two other ships in close proximity have working cameras! So is this Cunard blaming satellites for their own failings?
At last three working cameras. Nice view on QE's camera - someone is half way up the bow flag pole and appears to be painting it. Sometimes watching these cameras is a bit like watching paint dry, so now we can do just that!!!
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