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Hello Military Cruisers


New member
Howdy -

My name is Glenn - I have 30 years service in the Army National Guard, 25 of them on active duty (AGR).

Many of those years were in recruiting, which is how we found cruising. It was a great way to relieve stress and have a great vacation - that was back in 1991 and we haven't stopped since.

I look forward to hearing from fellow military interested in cruising.
Thanks for your service Glenn!

26 years on Active Duty Air Force, retired in '06. Took our first cruise in '03 and fell in love with it. Booked on the Carnival Dream for New Years.

Salute! And Happy Cruising!
Thanks for your service Glenn!

26 years on Active Duty Air Force, retired in '06. Took our first cruise in '03 and fell in love with it. Booked on the Carnival Dream for New Years.

Salute! And Happy Cruising!

Thanks for the shout - out.

As I said before, we started cruising back in '91 basically to get away from people - LOL.

Back then there was literally no TV, no telephones, when you were out in the ocean - you were out in the ocean. Life for me back then was non-stop at work. We were exclusive Carnival cruisers back then, then over over to Royal Caribbean, now we have a couple Celebrity cruises booked. Hmmmm - notice a trend as I get older???? HaHahahahaha

We have never cruised during the holidays, it is on the Bucket List though - I would probably do a long one over Christmas and New Years.

Enjoy your Carnival Dream cruise, we have seen her in ports and looks like a wonderful ship. Make sure you come back after the cruise and let me know how it was!

Happy Holidays.......

Thank you all for your service!

I spent twenty years (1964-1984) as an enlisted Navy cryptologist, with a wide variety of assignments that included
sea duty, subsurface duty, airborne duty, a tour in the Pentagon, a couple of overseas assignments, and (what I thought)
were two really good shore duty assignments (San Francisco & New Orleans)! As you can see in my signature, I also made
a couple of trips to Vietnam in the late 60's.

Following retirement I completed a second career as a two year college administrator (federal programs), and retired-retired
in October 2005.

I'm currently CINC HOUSE ..... :cool:

Thought I'd had enough "cruising" during my time in the Navy, but after a 7 day trip out of Tampa on the Carnival LEGEND, I'm sold ...
so we're taking an 8 day out of Port Everglades to the Eastern Caribbean this month, and then a 7 day to the Western Caribbean out
of New Orleans in October. Much better conditions, food - and booze - than on those old grey Navy ships....
Hi Everyone -

Just joined the Cruising Earth group, saw the thread about Military Cruisers and thought I'd share this info with whoever might be interested.

These Salute to Veterans Cruises are put together by an ex-Navy gal who really goes all out to get us very good prices, interesting group tours and activities. It's so nice to cruise with someone you know or with you have common experiences/interests with.

This cruise departs in 10 days with 20 military couples from all branches. Some have done all 6 of the Salute to Vets cruises and others like ourselves (we've done 3) have cruised on multiple ones. Regardless of your branch of service, rank or length of time served consider joining us for a very special cruise experience. If you have any question please contact Beverly or you can ask me.

Hi Glenn, my name is Rose and my hubby is Arthur. we are both retired Navy, he did 20 and I did a little less. we are both disabled now. we love cruising and now that our son is out of high school and about to be in college, we hope to do more of it.

88 days (not counting Navy!) at sea
Just joined the site. My husband and I are both retired Air Force. We've taken several cruises, 2 on Disney and 3 or 4 on Carnival. But in Jan 2018, we're taking a 15 night cruise to Hawaii on Princess' Star Princess. Can't wait. Our travel agent was able to get us $1,100 in cabin credit. Anyone else here taking that cruise?
I am retire Navy having served on several ships. Really missed the sea until we started cruising in 1993. Have been cruising 2 or 3 times every year and will not stop as long as health (and money) hold up.
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