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First time Cruiser! With a handicapped adult daughter...any advice for best Cruise lines, etc?


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Hello!! My name is Susan & I’m planning a cruise for my daughter’s 21st bday next year! I’m planning early so I can make payments! We are going to make it a family vacation. I’ve been on so many websites and I’m thoroughly overwhelmed! We also have a 26 yo daughter who is in a w/c that will be with us and then our other two adult daughters and their significant others😉. Our adult couples are paying for themselves, but I will probably make the reservations for all of us so we can have cabins close to each other, and then they can pay me. Then I will treat my bday girl to some excursions😁 Someone told me Norwegian was good, then others say Carnival. We want to go in January 2021 while the girls are on Winter Break from college. I just need time to pay it off. We will have airfare too. Any and all advice would be appreciated. The only excursion I personally want to do is swim with dolphins! My lifelong dream!! Any specific dolphin excursion better than the other? I also think that would be awesome for my daughter who is disabled💖 If you read this far, thank you❤
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