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First Post! I'm a Defector.....


New member
Hello! I found this site through a link on another forum. I must say I used to love it there, but there's been too many disgruntled peeps lately. Hopefully we can keep it civil here!

I like to cruise any line and have no real loyalty to any particular one. Carnival is the easiest for me since it's in my back yard, New Orleans. Nope, not from there, just close enough to drive to port in 3 hours. My sister lives there, though.

Anywho, just wanted to get things started around here!
Glad you found us! It is a new site but we are definitely not new to cruising here.

I can understand your decision to look elsewhere for a more "civil" cruising community. We know who you are talking about and unfortunately it has been going that way for awhile over there. It's a great site with so many great members but it has definitely made a turn for the worse recently. The few are definitely ruining it for the many over there. So many members and so few overworked moderators is what it has come down too for them. Moderators can only do so much when they are challenged with so many posts. Now it seems the complaints have overtaken the atmosphere there.

The Cruising Earth Website & Forum came about for just such reasons ...and many more. Now people will have an option ...a competitive option!

We will strive to keep our community here open to thought and expression but at the same time well moderated to keep the atmosphere to something like you might find in the aft lounge of your favorite ship.

What you will also find here are some pretty important forums I'd like to mention:
1) https://www.cruisingearth.com/forum/f486/"]Questions / Requests / Suggestions - we want your feedback to make this site even better

2) https://www.cruisingearth.com/forum/f185/"]Cruise Complaints - if you have to we've made a spot for you, or you can put it in a Review. This way we can keep the rest of our forums as clean as possible of disgruntled comments. People sometimes forget that someone's worst cruise vacation can just as easily have be another's best cruise vacation in the cabin right next door. If we wanted to deal with complaints all day we'd all live ________! (fill in the blank for yourself: at work, with our mother-in-law, on another website, etc.) It's not something anyone wants to overtake a cruise vacation web site!

3) https://www.cruisingearth.com/forum/application-forms/?appid=1"]Staff Application - want to be a Moderator or Editor on Cruising Earth? We have a proactive plan in place to allow qualified people to apply for these positions. If you can't see the applications it is because you must have a certain number of posts on Cruising Earth before you are able to fill one out.

Don't forget to put the word out that Cruising Earth is here!!! The easiest way to do this is to use the "share" button found on the top of most pages on Cruising Earth. This button will give you the option share that specific page on almost any social network or through email.

Thanks for posting and WELCOME TO Cruising Earth!
Welcome! I'm also a newbie. I am hoping this site won't devolve into a bunch of bickering, but be a tool for us to find information and share experiences. Plus, I don't think it will take 5 hours to read through one forum!
I agree with the alternative to others sites. My wife and I have been cruising for about ten years, I wish we would have discovered it much earlier. There are so many great things about cruising and I love to share the little bit of knowledge and experience that I have. I have never met a cruise that I did not love! I hope to continue cruising for years to come and look forward to a site that is devoted to explore and develope the fun side of cruising once again.
Hello everyone, nice to meet you all! I stumbled across this site while on another site and thought I'd give it a try. I'm fairly new to cruising with only 2 under my belt and 2 booked. I love cruising, there's no place I'd rather be than on a cruise. Carnival is the only line I have sailed with thus far, however I do plan on trying other lines out in the near future.
Welcome dolphinlover! As you have discovered, cruising can be addicting. Where are you going on the next two? Happy cruising!
Hello everyone! I'm Latisha. I found this forum via a link that someone had posted on another cruising forum. I'm thrilled that there is another cruising forum available, and I'm looking forward to a much more positive environment here. I look forward to chatting with everyone!! :)
Welcome Latisha, that is what cruising is all about, having fun and discussing it in a positive way. Have fun! Happy cruising.
Stumbled onto this forum from another site and I have to say everyone here seems a little more positive. Looking forward to getting to know everyone and sharing cruising tips and reviews!
I am with you as far as "The other" site being - well being what it is.

I too look forward to more positive posts and thoughts and hope this becomes as popular.
I am with you as far as "The other" site being - well being what it is.

I too look forward to more positive posts and thoughts and hope this becomes as popular.

Glad you found us here! We're new but slowly growing everyday. Everyone from the rookie cruisers to the experienced cruiser are coming onboard here. Looks like you being the later of of the two.

Be sure to check out our https://www.cruisingearth.com/rollcalls/"]Roll Calls & Events tab at the top of the page. We are currently the only site on the internet that offers an automated Roll Call system like this.

Welcome to the Cruising Earth Community!

We also welcome any feedback on the website you may have. You can post it the https://www.cruisingearth.com/forum/f486/"]Questions / Requests / Suggestions Forum.
I too found this site through another forum. I hardly ever posted over there because of the negativity I noticed. Hope to do lots of posting here! :)

Welcome to Cruising Earth, Karen!

The forums here are still pretty slow, but with dozens of new members daily we expect that to start changing soon. Lots of new cruisers here and quite a few cruising veterans like yourself too.

We have some great new site features coming over the next couple months also.
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