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Current downloads?


New member
I am currently researching for our Carnival Cruise on the Conquest in November and came across your site. There is a bunch of information all organized and ready which is wonderful!!! I was just wondering how current the downloads are. i.e. The menus and bar prices I know are subject to change, but are they from 2012, or older? All have a current download date, but I was wondering how dated is that information?


Staff member
Our information is continually updated - this includes all prices and menus. The current menus here are the latest Carnival is using fleetwide. They were introduced at the end of last year and are still being used fleetwide. You will find some slight menu variations from ship to ship but 95% will be the same. The bar prices are accurate within the last month.

You will not find any more accurate information on the internet than here on Cruising Earth. Even the information found on Carnival's own website is typically dated (some of it is VERY dated!). We gather our information from sources directly within Carnival. Carnival also on occasion sends us information before it is available to the general public.

That being said we can't guarantee 100% accuracy all the time because it is continually changing. We can promise that the information we provide is continually updated and you would be hard pressed to find anything more accurate on the internet.


New member
"You will not find any more accurate information on the internet than here on Cruising Earth."

Great to hear! Now it's time to get the word out. So glad I found you.