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Cruise suggestions


New member
Hello all,
I am here to get some suggestions on the best places to go on a cruise. My sister is getting married by the end of next month. I was planning to give them both Cruising tickets as their honeymoon gift. She has always wanted to go on a cruise, but never got time or situation. So, this is going to be her and her fiance’s first-time cruising. She always wanted to go to Caribbean Island. So, yes that was the first place that popped into my mind when I thought of her. But just wanted to know if there are any other beautiful and romantic places other than the Caribbean. I want her to be happy. The wedding reception hall is a gift from our parents. The hall is one of the https://www.lejardin.com/weddings/"]best reception halls I’ve ever seen. So, I don’t want to disappoint her with my gift.
Any suggestions people?
Let me know what you think about it. What are your suggestions for the newlywed?
Thanks in advance!