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Conquest and Elation Cruise


New member
I'll be cruising on Conquest over Thanksgiving! Looking forward to the 2.0 upgrades!!

I was worried about it being too cool, but here in MS it's been so hot I don't think I'll have to worry about it being miserably cold
The Conquest is a fantastic ship! We really loved our time on her. I don't know who'll be singing in the Piano Bar when you sail, but if it's Larry ~ you will have a FANTASTIC time in there! He's lots of fun and he will sing just about anything you can think of! Also if you like Karaoke, that was lots of fun to watch too! I'm sure it probably won't be the same Carnival host, but if it is Kim is absolutely amazing!!! He can impersonate just about anyone! It's really quite amazing!


New member
Thanks for the link to the pictures. I have been on the Conquest in 2005 and going again this fall. Looking forward to it! You don't happen to have any of your FunTimes you can share?