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breakaway design


New member
Having recently cruised on the Norwegian Breakaway, my biggest complaint is in the design of the casino. Having been a non-smoker my entire life, we found that the open floor design on decks 6,7,and 8 with the casino around the openings, the smell of cigarette smoke was overbearing, even when in ports and the casino was closed. this kept us out of the casino for the entire cruise. the smell also spread into the other floors above and below the casino. It is also the reason we most likely will not cruise on the getaway as the design is the same. we have cruised on other ships and found the casinos off by themselves and not contaminating the rest of the ship with the smell of cigarettes.
Sorry to hear you did not like your Breakaway cruise because of the smoke smell on decks 6, 7 and 8.
We are aboard her this July for the first time.
I am curious to hear if there was anything you did like about the cruise?
thank you in advance.