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Themed Cruises

Cruising Earth - Themed Cruises

What Is A Themed Cruise?

A themed cruise is a way for those with similar interests to get together, as a group on a cruise, to enjoy specialized events and entertainment related to those similar interests. The themed cruise events and entertainment may take place pre-cruise, onboard the ship, off the ship while in a port-of-call, or post-cruise. Over recent years the options available for themed cruises have greatly increased. No matter how normal, weird or obscure your interests may be there are others out there like you!

There are 3 main types of themed cruises.

  1. Private Group Themed Cruise - The "Private Group" themed cruise is customarily a themed cruise organized by a small group or travel agency. You will normally book this type of themed cruise through the private group or travel agency sponsoring the themed cruise. You will pay a premium over and above the normal cruise fare in order to participate in the themed cruise events and related entertainment. Not everyone onboard the ship will be participating in the themed cruise activities which means the themed events and entertainment will likely not be as crowded as with the other themed cruise types. Private Group themed cruises may include as few as 20 participants to over 2,000 depending on the theme popularity and the ship's capacity. We do not typically list any themed cruises that don't exceed a hundred participants.

  2. Private Charter Themed Cruise - The "Private Charter" themed cruise is customarily a themed cruise organized by a large entertainment company which reserves an entire ship for the specific purpose of running the themed cruise. You will normally book this type of themed cruise through the charter company. Private Charter themed cruises are popular for music cruises, religious cruises, and alternative lifestyle cruises. Everyone onboard will share your similar interests in the theme. Most events and entertainment relating to the theme will likely have a high attendance.

  3. Cruise Line Themed Cruise - The "Cruise Line" themed cruise is very similar to the Private Charter themed cruise except it is sponsored and run by the cruise line itself. On a Cruise Line themed cruise everyone onboard the cruise can typically take advantage of the themed cruise entertainment and events. You normally book the cruise directly with the cruise line. There are typically no additional charges over and above the price you pay for the cruise itself (it's already included in your cruise fare).

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