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Music Themed Cruises - Cruising Earth

Music Themed Cruises

Cruising Earth - Music Themed Cruises

Music Themed Cruises

Music Themed Cruises are the most popular category of themed cruises. Whether you are an all night partier or just like to get your groove on in the afternoon to some classic hits there is a music themed cruise for you!

The benefits of a music themed cruise over a traditional concert is the fact that you have more access and more time with the artists. That, and you'll be surrounded by fellow cruisers with like-minded interests in music at the same time. There will also be other scheduled events onboard, and possibly in port, involving the artist(s) as well. A pub crawl lead be your favorite drummer or band trivia lead by your favorite lead singer - does that interest you? If any of it does then a music themed cruise may be for you!

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