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Mouth of the Port of Salerno Camera - Port of Salerno, Italy Webcams - Cruising Earth

Port of Salerno, Italy

Port of Salerno, Italy

Mouth of the Port of Salerno Camera

Mouth of the Port of Salerno - Salerno, Italy Webcam / Camera
Mouth of the Port of Salerno Camera
Image Refresh In:
Camera Location Description:
Camera view of the mouth of the Port of Salerno looking Southwest.

Camera Location Date / Time:
Fri June 02, 2023 01:36 AM CEST
Additional Cameras Nearby
  1. Port of Salerno - 1.59 miles
  2. City of Salerno - 1.98 miles
= Live Streaming Video
= Camera Issue / Offline

Nearest Cruise Port:

Port of Salerno, Italy

Port of Salerno, Italy
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Mouth of the Port of Salerno Camera Location

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Camera Distance From Port of Salerno, Italy = 0.22 miles

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Cruise Port Camera Images Update Automatically

Some cruise port cameras are live streaming video cameras, those that aren't display static images which are automatically updated between once every 30 seconds and once every 15 minutes, depending on the camera.

To make sure you always have the latest image from the static image cameras we automatically check for a new image every 30 seconds. This will ensure you always have the latest image available without having to manually refresh any page.

Camera Images May Not Always Be Available

If the image being displayed is old, incomplete, or missing it is most likely due to an issue with the camera itself which is out of our control. Please try viewing the camera again later. As soon as the camera issue is resolved and a current complete image is available it will automatically be displayed.

If there is a completely black image being displayed above for an extended period of time, and it is not night time at the camera location, you can report it by using the button below and we will look into as soon as possible.

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