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What would you have done differently on your last cruise?


Staff member
If you were to name one thing you wished you had done differently on your last cruise what is it?

...better pre-planning, saved more prior to the cruise, packed something more, packed less, gone on more excursions, experienced more ship nightlife, experimented more with the food choices, etc.

Be as specific or as general as you wish. I think these answers will help a lot the first timer cruisers coming up.

For me, I would say on my last cruise I spent one of the port days on the ship and probably looking back on it should of at least got off the ship for a little while. I had been to the port before a few times but there are always new things to experience just getting off and walking around, even if not going on an excursion. Some people love the quiet days on the ship while in port, to me I feel like I'm missing out on some great experiences if I stay onboard.


New member
I'm the same as you Greg, looking back on our last cruise we sailed into Puerto Rico, a short stay, but still should have gotten off the ship and explored the beautiful town some! So next cruise, we're planning on doing the "Segway-Tour" of the castles and town, alot easier on the feet! I think the only island I'm hesitant to get off of the ship is Jamaica, heard to many stories about aggressive vendors, I'ma passive person and hate to dampen a great cruise while trying to fight off vendors!


New member
For my first cruise I should have gone into "cruise mode" sooner. Just taken a minute to relax and not sweat the small stuff. Instead of being irritated about the long lines , just realize that I am on vacation and just take it all in. The first cruise you are overwhelmed with sights, sounds, and information...just relax and enjoy your cruise!

Carly Smith

New member
Probably brought more spending money so I could have bought things on the ship too bought a travel adaptor and my mp3 player and took more photos on the ship but other than that I wouldn't change anything