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Unable To Track Azura


Staff member
its now November and the Azura webcam and tracking information are still not working properly

The webcam is functioning without issue. The image will not show much change because it is crossing the ocean and there is really not much to see other than clouds and water. The ship will also be outside of tracking range (more than 80-100 miles from shore) while it crosses the Atlantic Ocean.

This will explain why the Azura can't currently be tracked: https://www.cruisingearth.com/forum/f485/why-cant-track-ship-know-its-sailing-2293/

Azura's Itinerary
31 Oct Southampton
01 Nov At Sea
02 Nov At Sea
03 Nov At Sea
04 Nov Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel - Azores
05 Nov At Sea
06 Nov At Sea
07 Nov At Sea
08 Nov At Sea
09 Nov At Sea
10 Nov St. Maarten
11 Nov St. Kitts
12 Nov Antigua
13 Nov St. Lucia
14 Nov Barbados

The ship will be out of range until Nov 4 when it is near land in the Azores, then will be out of range again from the 5th till sometime on the 10th when it comes within approximately 80 miles of St. Maarten.