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Perhaps a silly question about "chair hogs".


New member
I've seen this term referenced throughout different sites and am curious what the etiquette is regarding lounger chairs on a ship. I wouldn't want to be considered rude in any way and am trying to avoid the label.

Unfortunately it's been an issue on every cruise line which does not have a program in place to curb it from happening.

Carnival just implemented their system fleetwide a couple months ago. As posted by John Heald (Carnival's Senior Cruise Director), "Under the new system, shipboard team members monitor sun lounge usage and if they observe a seat that contains a towel or personal belongings but appears to be unoccupied, a notification is placed on the chair indicating the current time. If the chair remains unoccupied for 40 minutes, the contents are removed and held for the guest's safekeeping."

Without this in place it was not unusual for all chairs to be taken very early in the morning and be occupied by only a towel for hours on end. The new system isn't perfect but it has helped a lot.

Norwegian Cruise Line has also implemented a similar program over the last few months too.
So it's safe to take a quick dip in the pool or run for a drink and be able to come back and get my seat back? I'm not sure this will be a huge issue for me, as I am fair-skinned and spend most of my time in the shade. The sun ages you, but most importantly, I turn a bright shade of red if I'm in it for too long. Even with sunblock. :)
On a side note, if you are trying to avoid the sun you should have no problem finding a space in the shade. The majority of the issues seem to come from people staking out prime real estate next to the pool. Before carnival implemented it's program it was common for someone from a group to go out and put items on several chairs in order to save them for the group.

If someone wants to get in there early and sit in the sun all day,
thats not really an issue.

If a nice lobsterian hue is what they seek, go for it!

I suppose if I wanted that chair I could have got there earlier than them.

But the schmuck that gets there early,
leaves her Stephan King book on a chair,
and goes to the buffet for an hour,

Stephan may be taking a swim in the pool ;)
glad to know the shade is usually open - red-head so lobsterian is what I'll be if in the sun too long
Greetings, A chair hog is someone who saves the chair by placing towels and personal belongings on it, but doesn't use it until several hours later-when they are ready to use it/or used it and leave personal belongings on it for several hours. It is alright if you need to use the rest room, grab a cold drink, snack etc... or you forget something in the stateroom such as sunscreen, sunglasses. You may want to let someone know that you will be right back, in case the staff /guests thinks the lounger is no longer in use. In the past I had fellow guests come to me and asked me to keep an eye on the their belongings on the lounger because they forgot something in their stateroom. Which I didn't mind to give a helping hand and ended up exchanging addresses:).
They are on every cruise I have been on (16) and I have seen nothing done about it...thankfully I mostly stay away from the sun and pool I am from Florida,
Chair hogs thrive in the adult areas such as serenity deck. The chair hogs have multiplied in order to remain
competitive. We regular humans avoid the chair hog infested areas.
For those that enjoy the shade or sun, it is still rude and selfish behavior for people to chair hog , especially hogging a number of chairs, even though they do not need that many chairs or know they will most likely not even use them for the most part of the day. People like that do not stop with pool lounge chairs. They are individuals who’s only concern is for themselves. They would pull the last slice of pizza out of a child’s mouth if they were hungry. :))) lol! Come on people, let’s try and think of others and just apply every day human curtesy to each other.
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