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Norwegian Gem


New member
I have been tracking the Norwegian Gem for a couple days now. At 22 hours and 14 minutes ago there is no new location information on Cruisin, but on another web app, I can see it's location. So I know their GPS locator is working. Any one have answer? Thank you.


Staff member
I can't say for sure in this specific instance why this occurred but I can give you an example of how/when it can happen.

When the AIS (automatic identification system) doesn't receive an updated position from a ship for an amount of time, say 6 hours, some tracking systems will interpolate the last position with direction and speed and update it until another actual position report is received. This position is more of an expected ship position than an actual ship position even though it may claim to be an actual reported position. Some tracking systems do this interpolation at shorter intervals than others and can appear to have more updated tracking information because of this. The good thing is we all get the data from the same place.