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New to Cruising Earth, but not to cruising. Land locked in Nevada but have managed to become CCL Platinum. Sometimes we spend more on air fare than on the actual cruise. Otherwise we rack up the miles on the mini-van getting to the port. We consider Long Beach our home port eventhough it is a 556 mile trip. Love Galveston as well but that darned airfare get us our cruise costs up there.:cool:


Staff member
Glad you found us here!

I know what you mean about airfare. Sometimes you get lucky and find a good deal other times you're just stuck with what's offered. Well, you found Cruising Earth at a good time, we may be able to help you out shortly. We have recently partnered up with some great travel industry companies to offer some exclusive deals on cruises and vacation travel in general (including airfare). We should have the site updated with the new travel deals section within a couple weeks ...maybe sooner. You will see some major brand names in the industry like Hotwire and Priceline offering exclusive deals here on Cruising Earth soon.