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Hello all. Just joined this site.


New member
Hello everyone. My name is Jeff. I have 25 cruises (my first was 2007), all with RCCL. I was late to the cruising thing. I spent 30 years "cruising" all the oceans and seas of the world for the US Navy in submarines. When I retired in 2002 I had a friend who tried to convince me to try a "real" cruise. My answer always was why go to sea after I had been doing it for 30 years. Eventually he broke me down (only took 5 years) and my wife and I did our first in May of 2007. I was totally hooked from day 1 underway. It was nothing like going to sea on a submarine - lol. We now do 2-4 a year and love it. I look forward to communicating with everyone and sharing your experiences. You are never to old to learn something new. Everyone have a great day and good cruisin'.:)