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Faster to Fun


New member
I realize they board diamond and platinum prior to other guests but now here comes the question. They used to board the high members then the ones who had suites then all others. Under the new system, would it be diamond, platinum, suites, faster to fun, rest of guests or will it be diamond, platinum, faster to fun, suites, then rest of guests? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Staff member
Last I knew it was still the suites boarding followed immediately by FTTF.

The FTTF will have these benefits over the standard suite guests though:
1) Priority cabin access (available immediately after boarding)
2) Separate line at Guest Services
3) Priority for tender boats


New member
More than worth the expense

We bought it for our upcoming cruise - and our posted boarding time is 11 AM - the earliest available,
following the wedding parties and platinum cruisers. With designated phone line to guest services, a
separate line at guest services, and head of the line for tenders, why wouldn't one purchase it??

Only one person in the cabin has to purchase it, and all are covered