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Carnival Freedom


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Tracking page is here: https://www.cruisingearth.com/ship-tracker/carnival-cruise-lines/carnival-freedom/"]Carnival Freedom Ship Tracker / Tracking Map Live | Carnival Freedom's Current Location / Position & Track

There are numerous reasons why at times a ship may not be trackable - typically it is because the ship is "http://1) Equipment issue (turned off intentionally to repair, accidentally turned off) 2) Out of range (this will vary ship to ship due to height of ship, position of antenna, direction of ship travel in relation to relay station, and sea conditions/wave height)Read more: Why can't I track a ship, I know it's sailing!? https://www.cruisingearth.com/forum/f485/why-cant-track-ship-know-its-sailing-2293/"]Out of Range", other reasons include equipment malfunction or equipment intentionally turned off, which does occur occasionally when a ship is in port. The last recorded position of the Carnival Freedom, approximately 4 hours ago, shows it entering the port of Ocho Rios, Jamaica - there is a good chance the equipment was shut off at that time. If a ship is not currently showing on its' tracking page you can use the "Last Recorded Position" option to see when it last reported and where it was. You will find the option to view the "Last Recorded Position" on all our tracking pages.

For additional info on a ship being "Out of Range": https://www.cruisingearth.com/forum/f485/why-cant-track-ship-know-its-sailing-2293/