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Viking Mississippi


New member
All Viking ships, ocean and river, display on the world map. But Viking Mississippi has not been added to this map. Why not?


Staff member
It was just recently assigned a Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) which is needed to track the ship. It should now be tracking fine on it's own tracking page.

The Viking Mississippi has not been added to the Viking "Fleet" Tracking map yet. We have informed the mapping source of the need to add the new ship to the fleet.


Staff member
Viking Mississippi still is not shown on the world map of Viking cruise ships:
https://www.cruisingearth.com/ship-tracker/viking-cruises/fleet/ . This website states
"Viking Cruises' entire fleet is now being displayed on the cruise ship tracker below."

However, the "Mississippi" is not shown----- while the "Octantis", "Orion", and "Star" are shown in North American waters.
It will not show on the fleet tracking page until the ship has been added to it by the mapping company, something that is out of our control. Until then you will just need to track it on its' own individual tracking page...