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Unable to post in forums after registering? Account not activated?


Staff member
More than likely, you have not seen or received you activation email for your account yet...

After you register, an account activation email is automatically sent to the email address you used during the registration process. The activation email should arrive almost immediately. In order to complete the registration process and activate your account you will need to click on the link included within this email. This allows us to verify that the email address you used while registering is accurate and that you are a real person.

Usually, people just miss the email or accidentally delete it without reading it.

If you have not received an activation email (or the link within the email has been removed) your email system may have blocked it (this is not typical).
You can try these:
1) Check your junk / spam mail folder
2) Add "cruisin.me" as a trusted email domain

Our first activation email goes out almost immediately after you submit your registration. If you do not respond by clicking on the link within it, another email is sent out after 24 hours, if you still do not respond to that another is sent out after 5 days. After that you must request another one to be sent to you. To speed up the process you can request another activation email to be sent to you immediately by selecting the "Settings" button in upper right corner of the page. Then, at the top of your settings page, if your account is not activated you will see this:


If you still do not receive any email confirmation, you may need to try another email address. To do this select "Edit Email & Password" from the menu on the left side of the page. Enter your new email address (in both boxes) and select "Save Changes". Changing your email address and then saving the changes will automatically send out a new activation email to the new address.

Cruising Earth Policy: Cruising Earth will delete new accounts which are not activated within two weeks. This policy is in place to protect our site from individuals whom we can not confirm are real and may have disruptive or malicious or intentions towards our community.
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