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Price of Beer and Drinks IN PORTS


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I was wondering if anyone had a rough idea of how much drink ashore in Nassa Bahamas, Grand Turk, and Ocho Rios is while in port. Any info on the best place to buy Beer would be while in those ports.


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We were in Nassau and Grand Turk June 12 on the Fantasy. Nassau was OK, if you go through the Straw market there were lots of bars to choose from that seemed good. There is an area where the locals eat called the Fish Fry, Arawak Cay. You can walk there from the terminal (kinda long walk) or you can take the #10 Jitney for about $1.50. We felt very safe walking around this area. There's always Senior Frogs next to the Straw market. We also went to the Asdastra Gardens Zoo and Conservation Center with our grand daughter and had a blast. Did our own thing Jitney 10 to Arawak Cay and walked about 1/2 mile to zoo. It cost us about 21.00 total to get there, visit the zoo and get back. Carnival had an excursion to do this plus a tour of the city for about 46.00. We walked the city after the zoo and saw and saved money.

I strongly suggest that when you go to Grand Turk, you walk through the tourist trap of Margaritaville, get on the beach and walk about 400 yards to the Local Bar and Restaurant (you'll see all the flags out front). Free lounge chairs, WIFI and $3.50 local beer. They'll offer you a free shot of the local rum, which was very good, and they have great food (conch fritters, **** chicken). Check it out
Also bring a couple of boxes of Rice Krispies from the ship. You can feed the fish when you're in the water. A fellow cruiser did this and we had dozens of good sized fish feeding all around us. We also saw 2 sting rays swim by while we were there. It was one of the highlights of our cruise.
Hope this helps.