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Oceania's Marina needing repair


New member
We just returned from a westbound Mediterranean cruise from Trieste to Barcelona, 11 days with only one working elevator in the aft end of the ship. The other remained broken with no evidence of work being done. Only four persons were allowed in the remaining car at once due to Covid restrictions. For those who could not climb multiple levels of stairs, the wait times were often very long and frustrating.

In addition the exercise deck was being torn up with noisy impact hammers and totally unavailable during the cruise. This was for a planned installation of a complete new decking system. It left only the short deck above the pool for walking.

The ship is now on a return cruise with the same problems we encountered. This is just not up to Oceania's standards. It all should have been handled while in port for the past year, or on a discounted reconditioning cruise. We were very disappointed.