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I guess I did this backwards. I posted in a couple of other forums before seeing this one. Sorry about that. :)

I am Michelle, 39, from Park City, Kansas. Divorced for many years and a recent Empty Nester (YAY!), I'm getting into the swing of living life for myself.

My first cruise was way back when I was 16 years old. My mother and I traveled to Seattle to visit friends and did a one-night cruise from The Sound to Victoria, Canada. Being 16, I wasn't able to enjoy the whole reason my mom and her friends wanted to go on that cruise, the casino. My memory is cloudy, but the love of the sea air and the sounds of the water remain with me to this day. One thing I remember clearly is the tiny room with bunkbeds and the tiny, little porthole windows. I felt suffocated as I tried to sleep.

Last year, as a present to myself, I went on Bahamas Celebration. It was a one-night cruise to Nassau, Bahamas, a weekend on the island at a wonderful resort, and then a one-night cruise back to Florida. You could call that a test for me to see if I could handle a full cruise like the one I'll be on in January (01/13/2013 - Glory). The good news is I know I'll be able to handle the real thing, the bad news is I got a little carried away on that cruise and drank too much. Haha! Bad girl!

I'm really looking forward to Glory in January. I'll be with two of my best friends and one of their Mothers. I imagine I'll be on my own while on the ship, but it appears that I will have no problem finding something enjoyable to do.

I think I know what everyone talks about when they speak of Negative Nellies at another site. It's quite noticeable, for sure. My expectations for a vacation are always rather low. I expect a boat that floats, water to surround me, edible food, and the chance to chit-chat with strangers and make new friends. Anything above and beyond that is a true blessing and something I will cherish for years to come.

I look forward to getting to know people, and hopefully finding new friends that will be on my upcoming cruise. :)
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