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New to Cruisin Community


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Very much looking forward to learning and connecting with others in this community.We are headed on our 2nd cruise in September on Allure of the Seas.Just got back from a cruise on same ship end of February


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That sound s wonderful . I enjoy cruising the Norwegian coast and go on my second Hurtigruten in April to celebrate my 10 th year of being retired . The ship is Nordlys which means Northern Lights .


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Awesome can you share more about that cruise line and ship?!?! Congratulations on your 10yr retirement anniversary
Sorry I haven’t been on the site for a while . Thanks for your congrats .
Hurtigruten travels up and down the coast of Norway ( and does longer distance expedition cruises eg Antarctica)
A ship leaves Bergen everyday and takes 12 days to do the Round trip to Kirkenes and back .
This time I do the 6 days south trip plus extra time in Bergen .
Winter trips are very dramatic and people also like to see the Midnight Sun .


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New to this site. How do I see where a specific ship is? Someone on FB said this site will show where ships are.
If you type in the name of the cruise line or specific ship you can track its real time position and if it has webcams see what it sees .
It’s very clever .


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Advice needed please. We are going on our 1st cruise next Sunday flying into Barbados, what happens when you land? Do you go through the airport or straight to the cruise?
We are also being told we need a PCR 3 days before and a Lateral flow day before, but are friends are there now and say you only need lateral flow. Feeling confused. This is more stress I really don't need.
Please help. X