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New - Marella Discovery 2 First Cruise

Bettyboop 1

New member
Hi my name is Debbie and me and my husband are going on our very 1st cruise in June this year, we are doing the eastern Mediterranean to celebrate both our 60th birthday, on the marella discovery 2, has anybody else been on this ship before ?


New member
Yes, it was nice but no space between the sunbeds when the ship was full and at sea, Morella usually go to some nice ports and we have also had very good ship's excursions shoreside, the shows are usually very good as are the guest artists, they don't do formal nights but do: do dress nights and captains reception so you can wear a tux or evening dress if you wish and many do, or maybe a lounge suit or just shirt tie and slacks, and by reading the free daily "what's On"News sheet you will find things to do such as craft classes games, carpet bawle etc and other things to do around the ship etc, the drinks are included wine by the glass G & T's and beers etc although not all the menu is included as there is another level at extra cost which we found worth it for us, as it included every cocktail in the menu some extra premium beers and all the speciality alcoholic liqueur coffees, the service is good and the staff are very friendly, food is a bit plain and more hotel that cruise food, but quite acceptable and you won't go home hungry, if you go to Malta the open top bus tour is good value it's on the street outside the port and goes almost all round the island but if you sit on top for the best views take a hat as it is very hot and your ears/head will burn and if it's windy hold onto the hat, enjoy your cruise :)