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How Do You Choose a Cruise Line?


New member
I'm researching cruises for my son & his friends - all in their late 30's to early 40's. It's overwhelming trying to figure out where to start. Any suggestions?


New member
Hi we just done celebrity solstice it was 9 days to Noumea, isles of pines and lifou, I couldn't fault any part of the ship, was hardly a any kids on board but lots of young people parting, you can also get an all inclusive drinks package so they pay nothing on board for drinks $15 and under, only bottles of wine they will pay for, we took premium package) , food was great and catered for everyone, night club goes till 3 ish every night.


New member
It depends on what kind of cruise they want to go on.. I have been on Royal, Carnival, Celebrity, and Norwegian... They are all different..
Most have folks of all ages.. We have had a great time on all these cruise lines..



New member
Thank you both for taking the time to reply. Think I'm leaning towards a short Carnival cruise so they can "get their feet wet"....


New member
First go to a local TA and just tell them basicly what you are looking for and get the brochures for different lines. If you have friends that use a TA ask them to recommend, if not go to as many as you can for information. You will find out if the agency is one you can work with or not by how well they answer your questions.
And read online as much as you can about whatever lines you are interested in.
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