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Bridge cameras on the three Cunard ships

Can anyone please tell me why one of the ships (Queen Elizabeth) has not shown an up-to-date camera image “due to satellite issues” for the last two or three months even though it has been in and out of the port of Southampton many times and in ports in France, Portugal and Spain where the camera normally works.
Further to this, both Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria have had frozen images for the last four or five weeks. Why?
Are these three issues linked in any way, for example a server that all three cameras are fed through?



Staff member
Cunard Cruise Line has chosen to turn off live camera updates at this time. Like a couple other cruise lines this is likely due to the pandemic.

We have updated the Cunard webcam pages to reflect this.


New member
Can you put the live webcams back on now at all? my brother and sister in law will be sailin6g on it tomorrow and I have always gone with them on the webcam, it is so interesting Thank You


Staff member
You will need to contact Cunard Cruise Line directly.

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