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Alaskan cruise next week on Carnival Legend


New member
Hi all

A few questions please:

1. Will we need waterproofs and cold weather gear for onshore trips to Alaska? I have researched 64degrees but unsure of the likelihood of rain.
2. Are the staff really strict with the CHEERS limit? Dad is on low alcohol beer due to Warfarin-this looks like it's not covered! Also, it says we HAVE to book it! Is this true?
3. Any pitfalls I need to look out for with Sail & Sign card? Are you advised if anything is being added?
4. Are there many designated smoking areas ie around the pool etc? Can you smoke on the deck outside your room?

Thanks everyone x


New member
We will also be on the Alask Cruise next week, I have been watching weather in each stop since it come close enough to 14 day forecast.
What I found today is:
Wed, Sat and Sunday show rain in our locations. This has changed from two days ago. Everything I have read advises to have waterproof gear. We have rain coats, pants and shoes however I am going to add a little more protection with “Camp Dry heavy duty water repellent spray.
Going to be a blast!!!
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