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Royal Caribbean Stalling Future Cruise Credits


New member
Royal Caribbean has touted its Cruise with Confidence program assuring passengers of various scenarios such as canceling and getting the best price guarantee. On December 27, 2021, I noticed our cruise fare leaving from Rome in May had been reduced by $1,630! Wow, was I excited and the RC customer service rep was in disbelief but there it was in black and white. Instead of posting an onboard credit due to the large amount, she began the issuance of two Future Cruise Credits, one for my husband in the amount of $815 and one for me of the same amount. She said to wait two weeks before they were funded. In two weeks, I called to redeem and was provided with the cruise credit numbers but told to wait another two weeks. Two weeks go by, and another and another. Today is March 14th and no future cruise credits have been credited. In the meantime, I booked another cruise with the "Cruise with Confidence" idea that the credits would help pay for it. The deadline is March 31st to use FCCs so you can see where this is going.