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What is the updated itinerary for the Oceania Insignia Round the World cruise that left Miami on 12-21-21 as of January 8th, 2022. Instead of heading to San Francisco, it just returned to San Diego (previously visited 01-04-22) this morning.


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Due to so many cancellations and itinerary changes still occurring worldwide due to COVID, it would be best if you requested this information directly from Oceania Cruises so that it is timely and as accurate as possible.


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What is the updated itinerary for the Oceania Insignia Round the World cruise that left Miami on 12-21-21 as of January 8th, 2022. Instead of heading to San Francisco, it just returned to San Diego (previously visited 01-04-22) this morning.

This is from a friend onboard the Insignia. At the moment the intermediate ports of call are being worked on.

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Updated itinerary, commences after Bora Bora.

Jan 6Los Angeles, CA
Jan 7Los Angeles, CA
Jan 8San Diego CA
Jan 9San Diego CA
Jan 10-14Cruising Pacific
Jan 15Oahu
Jan 16Oahu
Jan 17Maui
Jan 18Kawaii
Jan 19Maui
Jan 20Cruising Pacific
Jan 21-24Nuka Hiva, French Polynesia
Jan 25Cruising Pacific
Jan 26Rangiora , French Polynesia
Jan 27French Polynesia
Jan 28Papeete. French Polynesia
Jan 29Papeete. French Polynesia
Jan 30Moorea. French Polynesia
Jan 31Raiatea, French Polynesia
Feb 1Bora Bora, French Polynesia
Feb 2Bora Bora, French Polynesia
Feb 3-11Cruising Pacific
Feb 12Los Angeles
Feb 13Ensenada, Mexico
Feb 14Cruising Pacific
Feb 15Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Feb 16Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico
Feb 17Cruising Pacific
Feb 18Acapulco, Nexico
Feb 19-20Cruising Pacific
Feb 21Puntarenas, Costa Rica
Feb 22Cruising Pacific
Feb 23Panama City, Panama
Feb 24Panama Canal – Daylight transit
Feb 25Cruising Caribbean Sea
Feb 26Oranjestad, Aruba
Feb 27Kralendijk, Bonaire
Feb 28Cruising Caribbean Sea
Mar 1St Georges, Grenada
Mar 2Scarborough, Trivago
Mar 3Kingstown, St Vincent
Mar 4Bridgetown, Barbados
Mar 5Bridgetown, Barbados
Mar 6Castries, St Lucia
Mar 7Roseau, Domenica
Mar 8St Johns, Antigua
Mar 9Basseterre, St Kitts
Mar 10Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas
Mar 11Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Mar 12Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic
Mar 13Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic
Mar 14Cruising Caribbean Sea
Mar 15Port Antonio, Jamaica
Mar 16Cruising Caribbean Sea
Mar 17Roatán, Honduras
Mar 18Santo Tomás de Castilla, Guatemala
Mar 19Harvest Caye, Belize
Mar 20Costa Maya, Mexico
Mar 21Cozumel, Mexico
Mar 22Cruising the Straits of Florida
Mar 23Miami, Florida
Mar 24-25Crossing the Atlantic
Mar 26Hamilton, Bermuda
Mar 27-30Crossing the Atlantic
Apr 3Tangier, Morocco
Apr 4Melilla, Spain
Apr 5Cruising the Mediterranean
Apr 6Trapani (Sicily)
Apr 7Gozo, Malta
Apr 8-9Cruising the Mediterranean
Apr 10Ashdod, Israel
Apr 11Jerusalem (Haifa)
Apr 12Jerusalem (Haifa)
Apr 13Cruising the Mediterranean
Apr 14Izmir, Turkey
Apr 15Istanbul, Turkey
Apr 16Istanbul, Turkey
Apr 17Mytilene (Lesbos), Greece
Apr 18Athens (Piraeus)
Apr 18Santorini, Greece
Apr 20Cruising the Ionian Sea
Apr 21Dubrovnik, Croatia
Apr 22Umbria (Ancona), Italy
Apr 25Kotor, Montenegroo
Apr 24Tirana (Durrës), Albania
Apr 25Crotone (Calabria), Italy
Apr 26Messina (Sicily), Italy
Apr 27Salerno. Italy
Apr 28Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy
Apr 29Florence/Pisa/Tuscany/(Livorno) Italy
Apr 30Toulon, France
May 1Barcelona
May 2Barcelona
May 3Valencia, Spain
May 4Cartagena, Spain
May 5Gibraltar, UK
May 6Seville, Spain
May 7Seville, Spain
May 8Portimão, Portugal
May 9Crossing the Atlantic
May 10Santiago de Compostela (Vigo)
May 11Crossing the Bay of Biscay
May 12Brest, France
May 13Saint Malo, France
May 14Crossing the Channel & North Sea
May 15Kristiansand, Norway
May 16Oslo, Norway
May 17Copenhagen, Denmark
May 18Copenhagen, Denmark
May 19Berlin (Warnemünde)
May 20Cruising the Baltic Sea
May 21Gdansk, Poland
May 22Klaipėda, Lithuania
May 23Riga, Latvia
May 24Tallinn, Estonia
May 25St Petersburg, Russia 9am
May 26St Petersburg, Russia
May 27St Petersburg, Russia 6pm
May 28Helsinki, Finland
May 29Stockholm, Sweden
May 30Stockholm, Sweden
May 31Visby, Sweden
Jun 1Bornholm (Ronne), Denmark
Jun 2Kiel, Germany
Jun 3Kiel Canal transit
Jun 4Rotterdam, Netherlands
Jun 5Antwerp, Belgium
Jun 6Antwerp, Belgium
Jun 7Crossing the Channel & Bay of Biscay
Jun 8La Rochelle, France
Jun 9Bordeaux, France
Jun 10Bordeaux, France
Jun 11San Sebastian Spain
Jun 12Gijón, Spain
Jun 13Cruising the Atlantic
Jun 14Lisbon, Portugal
Jun 15Oporto, Portugal
Jun 16A Coruña, Spain
Jun 17Crossing the Channel & Bay of Biscay
Jun 18Paris (Honfleur)
Jun 19London (Tilbury) UK
Jun 20London (Tilbury) UK
Jun 21Amsterdam, Netherlands
Jun 22Amsterdam, Netherlands
Jun 23Cruising the Channel & Atlantic
Jun 24Waterford, Ireland
Jun 25Dublin (Dún Laoghaire)
Jun 26Belfast, N. Ireland
Jun 27-30Cruising the Atlantic
Jul 1St Johns, Newfoundland
Jul 2-3Cruising the Atlantic
Jul 4New York, NY
Jul 5New York, NY