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NO Bottles only cans Eff July 1,2015 FYI check out their site


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http://millennialcruiser.com/carnival-sets-new-rules-on-bringing-beverages-onboard/"]Carnival sets new rules on bringing beverages onboard

Carnival Cruise Lines has for awhile been the exception to many of the mainstream lines on bringing beverages onboard. While other lines such as Royal Caribbean, and others will allow you to bring onboard wine bottles for a possible corkage fee, bringing soda and water was prohibited. Carnival has routinely let each guest bring on one 12 pack of water, or soda. Today, Carnival through it’s Brand Ambassador John Heald "]announced, that it would be prohibiting guests from bringing on any drinks in bottles, due to the high amount of “smuggling” that guests have attempted to do in these containers. Guests will still be allowed to bring on a 12 pack of cans, along with the same rules as before applied to bottles of wine.

Along with the announcement, Carnival announced that they greatly reduced the price on purchasing a case of water beforehand or on the ships to $2.99 for 12 bottles if purchased before your cruise. adfadf


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Was just on the Sunshine. First day we had bought a few bottles of soda to carry onboard. They would not let us keep them. Two days later saw them allowing other guest bring bottled drinks on board. So, we tried it again at another port and they allowed us to keep them. I think it depends on who is Checking the bags when u come on board.


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The $ 2.99 cost of a 12 pack of water seems like a no brainer if you drink water at all. It's not included in the soda program, so you still want to get some.
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