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Cigar smoking hotspots???


New member
On every cruise I like to find my smoking haunts early.
Based on the amount of activity in this forum, I will probly be answering my own post!
So the question is,

where do the cigar enthusiasts like to hang out on this ship?

I've found the best place is often at 2am on your own balcony,
watching the moon rise while sitting in your underwear.

But its nice sitting at an outdoor bar,
or in a Whiskey bar or someplace,

sitting in your underwear optional ;)


New member
I didnt? Must be cause I accidently posted this on the generic GENERAL Cruising EarthG thread!
On the CARNIVAL SPENDOR, cigars are smoked in the Cool lounge.


New member
One in every crowd

Fifty feet aft of the stern seems a good spot.
What a witty quip. Very quaint of you Uncle Ron, that was very helpful.
You may now return to your cabin in steerage. :)

Same question, How about the Carnival Pride out of Baltimore?