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Cheers Program


New member
We are sailing the Sensation in February 2014 and hopefully they will have the program on there by then. My question is if you purchase the Cheers program and get stopped at your 15th beer can you purchase the remaining beers on your sign and sail card? We are from the south and our men are beer drinkers...this is our first cruise and we can't disappoint the men.


Staff member
Currently it seems to depend on the ship. Some have reported trying to purchase additional drinks after the Cheers Program limit of 15 and they were not able to. The also said it was not because they were "cut off" but it was the policy on the ship. Others have reported being able to purchase drinks after their 15 limit without an issue.

You've got some time before the cruise, so I'd just keep checking back on what the latest is. The program rules are still changing and I'm sure by Feb 2014 there will definitely be some more changes.