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Cell phone usage on carnival cruise lines


New member
Hi! im giong on a cruise soon and i wanted to know how do the cell phones work onboard
or how is their a cheap way to use thek


Staff member
Carnival ships use "Cellular At Sea" service. Check with your individual carrier for rates.

For example with an AT&T Cell Phone:

  • Standard roaming rates for phone calls while on a cruise ship is $2.50 per minute.
  • Texts are $.50 per message sent. Photo messages are $1.30 per message sent.
  • Standard data roaming is $20 per MB.
  • You can view the rates at http://www.att.com/travelguide"]www.att.com/travelguide.

It is recommended that you DO NOT use your cell phone while at sea. For the best rate use the phone that is in your cabin - it is $1.99/minute for outgoing calls.

Be careful even leaving your cell phone on. Just receiving junk emails can end up costing you a lot at $20/mb data roaming rate.


New member
I spoke with an AT&T rep the other day, and she said Carnival has contracts with several carriers, but not AT&T. AT&T has international texting rates, data rates, and voice rates
that are not unreasonable; however, you will be billed for a full month on the texting and data rates even if you activate them the day before your cruise and deactivate them the
day after you get home. As for the voice rate, that will be pro-rated when you deactivate it based on the number of minutes used.

You only pay for outgoing texts, as incoming texts from the U.S. are covered under whatever plan you have.

Always wise to check with your individual carrier to see what they can offer for the time period that you'll be sailing.