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Carnival Cheers Program


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I am a first time cruser. My wife and I are in our 30's we usually do the all-inclusive down south thing ( we have 3 kids) this is our little vacation. Since it is our first cruse we are on the 6 day Carnival Breeze and I am worried about the Price of Liquor . I am wondering if anyone has par-taken in the Cheers program and can tell me if its worth it and your experience with it ( Good and Bad if any)
Did you happen to see the "Is it worth it." examples we have posted on this Cheers information page: https://www.cruisingearth.com/info/carnival/barprogram/#worthit"]Cruising Earth - Carnival Cruise Lines - Cheers Beverage Program

If you are a straight domestic beer drinker ($5.75/drink plus gratuity) it will take almost 8 beers (in a day) to break even. Then you will basically get beers 9 through 15 in a day free. Saving you up to $49.79/day.
If you are a Grey Goose Martini drinker ($9.95/drink plus gratuity) it will take less than 5 (in a day) to break even. Then you will get martinis 6 through 15 in a day free. Saving you up to $122.24/day.

Domestic BeerGrey Goose Martini
Cost of 15 with Gratuity / Day$99.19$171.64
Cheers Program with Gratuity / Day($49.40)($49.40)
Possible Savings / Day$49.79$122.24

Most everything else, price wise, will fall somewhere in between.
Can you wait 5 minutes after being served, get an unopened beer to enjoy on your balcony? Previously grabbed a bucket and did the same.
On previous cruise, enjoyed getting a bucket of beer, and sitting on my balcony. Does anyone know how you can keep a few beers around the stateroom, while enrolled in this program?
...Does anyone know how you can keep a few beers around the stateroom, while enrolled in this program?

That currently isn't very easy if you want them to be included under the Cheers program. Your best bet is to grab an extra beer (after your 5 minute wait between orders) tell them not to open it and bring it back to your room and put it on ice. They may not give you more than one or two unopened (each after a 5 min wait) because it would be just as easy for you to hand them to someone else when you walked away which is why the rules were set up the way they are to begin with.

You also have the option of just buying them outside of the program. You can either purchase them through the Fun Shops prior to cruising so they are waiting in your room when you board, or you can purchase beers outside of the Cheers program like you would of in the past and they will be charged to your sail and sign account (this is the same way you would buy others drinks while you are on the program).
We are planning to buy the Cheers program. I am going to just buy one bucket of beer and pay for it to be our cabin for my husband. I will carry on one bottle of wine for myself. The cost the the one bucket will never be as much as the savings with the Cheers program.
You can order beer (4 packs) or other alcohol through the Fun Shops to be delivered to your room on the first day. From what I've read they limit you to "two bottles" or "two ...." each ORDER....so you could place multiple orders. The Cheers Program doesn't include the bucket of beer, so beer drinkers have to get them one at a time, or put them on their Sign & Sail Card.
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