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CGC Confidence #15 World's Oldest Active Military Ship - Cruising Earth

CGC Confidence United States Coast Guard

CGC Confidence - United States Coast Guard
#15 World's Oldest Active Military Ship

CGC Confidence is currently ranked #15 in the list of the World's Oldest Active Military Ships.

  • 15

    In Service:
    (58 Years of Service)
    Ship Statistics
    In Service: January 01, 1966
    Weight: 1,145 Gross Tons
    Length: 210.50 Feet
    Beam: 34.00 Feet
    Speed: 18.0 knots / 20.7 mph
    Complement: 75
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CGC Confidence Historical Brief


The US Coast Guard Cutter Confidence (WMEC-619) has a distinguished history marked by its service in various critical missions, including law enforcement, search and rescue, maritime security, and environmental protection. This historical brief provides an overview of the Confidence's construction, operational history, notable missions, and its significance within the US Coast Guard fleet.

Construction and Design

The USCGC Confidence (WMEC-619) is a Reliance-class medium endurance cutter, built by the United States Coast Guard Yard in Curtis Bay, Maryland. Commissioned on July 9, 1966, the Confidence is part of a series of cutters designed for offshore patrol duties, capable of extended operations in various sea conditions. These cutters are integral to the Coast Guard's fleet, providing versatility and endurance for a wide range of missions.

The Confidence is equipped with modern navigational, communication, and surveillance systems, enhancing its operational effectiveness in law enforcement, search and rescue, and maritime security missions. Its design includes armament suitable for defense and interdiction operations, contributing to the cutter's capabilities in enforcing federal laws and protecting US maritime borders.

Operational History

Law Enforcement and Homeland Security

Since its commissioning, the USCGC Confidence has been actively involved in law enforcement operations, focusing on drug interdiction, migrant interdiction, fisheries enforcement, and counterterrorism. The cutter's capabilities and endurance make it well-suited for patrolling extensive maritime regions and conducting boarding operations to enforce federal laws and regulations.

The Confidence has participated in numerous successful drug interdictions, seizing illicit narcotics and disrupting drug trafficking networks operating in the maritime domain. These operations are part of the Coast Guard's broader efforts to combat transnational organized crime and enhance maritime security along US coastal waters and international maritime borders.

Search and Rescue Missions

A primary mission of the Confidence is search and rescue (SAR) operations. The cutter has responded to distress calls, conducted maritime patrols, and assisted vessels in distress across its operational areas, including the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, and Caribbean Sea. Its advanced search radar, communication systems, and experienced crew enable rapid response to emergencies at sea, saving lives and ensuring maritime safety.

Environmental Protection and Marine Conservation

In addition to law enforcement and SAR operations, the Confidence plays a crucial role in environmental protection and marine conservation efforts. The cutter monitors compliance with environmental regulations, responds to pollution incidents, and conducts patrols to protect marine habitats and endangered species. These efforts contribute to safeguarding the marine environment and promoting sustainable use of maritime resources.

Notable Missions and Operations

Throughout its service, the USCGC Confidence has participated in numerous notable missions that highlight its operational capabilities and dedication to service:

  • Operation Iraqi Freedom: The cutter deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, providing maritime security and conducting patrols in the Persian Gulf region. Its presence helped maintain maritime stability and security during a critical period of military operations.
  • Hurricane Response Operations: The Confidence has played a vital role in hurricane response and disaster relief operations. It provided humanitarian assistance, conducted SAR missions, and delivered essential supplies to communities affected by hurricanes along the US coastline and in the Caribbean.
  • Counter-Terrorism and Homeland Security: The cutter has contributed to homeland security initiatives, conducting maritime patrols to enhance security measures and protect critical infrastructure from potential threats. Its presence helps safeguard US ports, waterways, and coastal regions from maritime security risks.
  • International Cooperation and Partnership: The Confidence has participated in international training exercises and partnership initiatives with foreign coast guards and navies. These activities promote interoperability, strengthen maritime security cooperation, and build capacity to address common maritime challenges.

Decommissioning and Legacy

After decades of dedicated service, the USCGC Confidence remains an active asset within the US Coast Guard fleet. Its contributions to law enforcement, SAR missions, environmental protection, and homeland security underscore its versatility and operational effectiveness. The cutter continues to uphold the Coast Guard's core values of honor, respect, and devotion to duty.


The USCGC Confidence (WMEC-619), a Reliance-class medium endurance cutter, has played a pivotal role in safeguarding America's maritime interests and promoting maritime safety and security. Since its commissioning in 1966, the cutter has demonstrated exceptional capabilities in law enforcement, search and rescue, environmental protection, and disaster response operations. Its legacy of service and professionalism reflects the Coast Guard's commitment to protecting lives, safeguarding maritime resources, and upholding national security. As the Confidence continues to serve, it remains a testament to the Coast Guard's readiness to respond to challenges at sea and its enduring dedication to serving the nation.

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