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A Listed of Places to see during your stop in Dominica

E Voyage Dominica

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Dominica, officially called the Commowealth of Dominica, its are english speaking Caribbean island, former British colony, located between the two French Island of Guadeloupe and Martinique.

Dominica its one of the best destination to explore the caribbean untouched ecosytems, go snorkeling, see countless waterfalls, river, lakes and hot springs!

The Main Attractions to see during your stop in Dominica:

*Trafalgar Falls
*Emerald Pool
*Ti Tou Gorge
*Champagne Reef
*Jacko Fall
*Spanny Falls
*Kalinago Reservation
*Fresh Water Lake
*Boiling Lake (for ship in port dor 8-10 hours)
*Scott's Head
*Indian River
*Batibou Beach
*Mero Beach
*Middleham Falls
*Botanical Gardens
*Wotten Waven Sulphur Springs
*Ti Kwen Glo Cho Spa and Garden
*Whale Watching
* Scuba Diving

All of the places listed is near the Ship and some of the best places to see during your stop!

Elvis offers some of the best botanical, rainforest and waterfalls excursions in Dominica.